It’s quite common among men; hair falling out. Women can suffer from this medical condition as well though, which isn’t widely known. And I’m not talking about hair thinnning in women. Nope, I’m talking about hair falling out in clumps. I didn’t know about this until a friend of mine was diagnosed with alopecia areata.

Where male baldness is socially accepted (not saying men won’t feel emotional about it), for a women to walk around with a bald head…well, let’s just say that’s a head turner,but not in a good way. Which is why we usually don’t talk about the subject. And with hair weaving and high quality wigs made of real hair, it’s become very easy to hide. Though I have to admit men seem to spend less money on a hair piece than women generally do.

There are quite a few reasons for hair falling out. Women will generally suffer from it due to hormonal imbalances and illnesses. Which is why it’s more important for a us girls to see a doctor when we notice bald patches or abnormal thinning. The sooner we know what’s wrong, the sooner we can start the proper treatment.


Here are a few causes:

  • stress
  • pollution
  • alopecia
  • chemicals in shampoos
  • pregnancy
  • menopause


Stress and chemicals are easiest to treat by yourself. Reduce stress by exercise, yoga, meditation, eating healthy,… Avoid shampoos with lots of chemicals and start using more natural products like the Wen hair products line. Also, don’t wash your hair every day unless you absolutely have to.

When starting to experience hair falling out, women should take a look at what changed in their lives, write it down and go see a doctor. Switching shampoo might seem like an obvious reason for sudden hair loss, but that’s not to say there isn’t an underlying cause you don’t know about.