I found a nice WEN tea tree cleansing conditioner review on Youtube today. Added the video below for your convenience. For those who can’t see the video, I’ll write down the main points below.

Natasha tested WEN sweet almond mint and tea tree for a little over a month. These 2 WEN hair products are recommended for coarse, dry, fine hair. The reviewer says her hair was oily at the roots and dry lower down. She also has a dandruff problem, which the WEN tea tree shampoo should help solve.

Right of the bat, she recommends using only 12 to 20 pumps instead of the recommended 30 to 40 pumps. This amount still cleans your hair thoroughly and the bottles will last you almost twice as long. Considering the price of WEN hair products, that’s a big bonus.

Natasha really liked the fact that she could use the WEN hair products every day. She was also very pleased with the shine her hair has gotten.

On the downside, it didn’t really fix her dandruff problem; she used WEN tea tree cleansing conditioner one day and the sweet almond one the next because you’re not supposed to use dandruff shampoo daily.

All in all she thinks it’s great product and will most likely buy the WEN tea tree cleansing conditioner again. Why not the sweet almond shampoo? Because she feels the WEN tea tree oil shampoo cleans your hair much deeper than the sweet almond shampoo. Depending on how bad your dandruff problem is, the tea tree shampoo will also help without drying out your hair as much as regular dandruff products.

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