One of the things a lot of people ask themselves before buying Wen hair care products is “Which Wen product is right for me?”. Not surprising considering Chaz Dean has created more than one Wen formula, each with it’s own distinct features. Hopefully by the end of this guide you will know which Wen cleanser to use for your particular type of hair.

Sweet Almond Mint

Although Wen advertises this flavor as universal, people with fine hair have reported that it weighs down their hair. If you have fine hair and want to continue using it (or simply use up the bottle you already have) try limiting the use to your hair ends and stay away from the roots.


Another flavor that will work for every type of hair like the Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner. According to reviews the Pomegranate cleansing conditioner does work better for fine hair though. It won’t weigh it down as much as the Sweet Almond Mint.

The Pomegranate conditioner is gluten free and soy based.


The Fig cleansing conditioner was designed for medium/thick and coarse hair. It works brilliantly in repairing damaged and color-treated hair. Because it’s an extremely moisturizing conditioner it will also help your dry hair look a lot better and healthier.


If you have fine hair, you will love the Lavender cleansing conditioner. It won’t weigh down your hair and give it more volume. Only the Fig conditioner moisturizes more than this flavor.

Tea Tree

A lot of people don’t like the smell of the Tea Tree cleansing conditioner. However, if you’re suffering from scalp problems like dry or itchy skin or dandruff it is recommended to use this flavor. If you don’t like the smell, use only one or two pumps on the spots of your scalp that are most problematic and use another flavor to wash the rest of your hair.

This conditioner is also recommended for gray or platinum hair as it contains fewer yellow based acids than the other conditioners.

Cucumber Aloe

If you have the worst of both worlds, oily roots and dry ends, you should try the Cucumber Aloe cleansing conditioner. It has the best cleaning properties of the whole range of Wen cleansing conditioners, which means anyone who feels their hair is particularly greasy or dirty can use this one as well. If you have extremely dry hair I wouldn’t recommend using it too often though as it does tend to dry out your hair more than others.

Wen Seasonal Scents

Spring Gardenia

The Spring Gardenia has added amino acids which most likely help in strengthening your hair. Not as moisturizing as the other Wen seasonal scents, so I wouldn’t recommend this for extremely dry hair even though it is advertised as a universal shampoo.

Winter Vanilla Mint

The seasonal Wen Winter Vanilla Mint conditioner is gluten free and soy based. Like all the Wen seasonal, this one is universal and can be used on all types and textures. It works particularly well for people with coarse, frizzy, thick hair.

Fall Ginger Pumpkin

This seasonal flavor works for all hair types and textures and is gluten free. I have read some reviews of a people with coarse, wavy, ethnic hair that don’t have great results though. They seem to prefer the Fig cleansing conditioner. Others with coarse, dry, wavy hair claim to have excellent results. I’m guessing it might be the difference in hair thickness that causes the differing opinions.

It does contain aspartic acid (pumpkins do as well), so depending on how sensitive you are to aspartame (migraines), you might want to skip this flavor.

Hopefully this little guide answered your question “Which Wen product is right for me?”. Feel free leave your own experiences with the different Wen formulas in the comments below, I’m sure other readers will find them very useful in making up their mind about which Wen product to use.